Kyubey, for those who have not seen Madoka, has a very special power.

At the cost of a contract, he can grant (nearly) any wish... though the power of the wish granted depends on the emotional strength and magical potential of the girl (or, in rare cases, boy) he grants it to. Essentially, he's simply a catalyst, using the girl's own power to grant the wish.

Now, as stated, this isn't perfect. As with any wish-granting, there are limits.

  • Unless you have a nearly legendary potential, he can't raise the dead. The reason he offers such things to Madoka is because she does have that potential.
  • He can't normally defy the laws of causality (cause and effect) or thermodynamics (entropy). It's simply out of his power; even if he could, the universe would start to break down.
  • He could potentially pull someone into the city... IF said player is already enabled. In other words, I can make it sound like Kyubey's fault if someone shows up, with permissions.
  • However, he can't send anyone home. Some things in the world are stronger than he is, after all.
  • He will not grant wishes to those with low enough emotional energy. Human teenage girls are most suitable, but if you're a drama queenish male or non-human, ask me and we can work things out. Typically, anyone "mature" is going to be too emotionally stable to properly contract with.

Are you interested in making a contract with Kyubey? If so, please follow the handy-dandy guide below!

Name: What is your name? Character name, for brevity.
Potential Wishes: What is your quest? If you have wishes that Kyubey can't grant, go ahead and list them, things MIGHT be able to be worked out.
Emotional Energy: What is your favorite color? How much potential does the character have for wish-granting? Keep in mind this is directly tied to how emotionally volatile they are; a character FULL OF FEELS would be more powerful than someone with the emotion of a dead fish.
Permission to Contract?: Naturally, Kyubey can offer the world to you, but if you don't accept, he can't force it. Keep in mind that a contract involves a lot more than a wish and a magical girl transformation, but to explain more would be spoilers. Suffice to say, there's fine print you won't know about right away.

If you have any questions, contractcontact Sword at [ profile] kataranisword or on AIM as Bahamut725.
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Mun Name: Sword
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Contact Info:, Bahamut725 @ AIM, [ profile] kataranisword
Other Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Berri the Mew, Surka, Beat

Name: Incubator/"Kyubey"
From: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, middle of final episode (Before the 'completion' of Madoka's wish)
Appearance: Some people say this looks like a uterus.
Age: Unknown for this particular Incubator unit; the Incubators have been on Earth since the dawn of Mankind, however.
Gender: Genderless (via Word of God). Uses masculine pronouns.
Personality: At first glance, Kyubey seems cheerful, and rather cordial. In fact, that might be what your second and third glance says, as well. Then, things start to seem slightly off. That cheerful tone never changes, even in the face of shocking, scarring trauma. That cordial demeanor slowly starts to sound more like he's talking down to you. Nothing ever changes; it's the persistence that is unsettling. In reality, Kyubey is completely emotionless, and focused on his task: to form contracts with Magical Girls. He's also incredibly pragmatic; he will never say more than is needed, and very rarely without provocation. In addition, he will intentionally word things in a manipulative manner to reach his goals - after all, someone is more likely to attempt something if they're told "it's never been done before" as opposed to "it's impossible".
Backstory:Madoka Magica spoilers within )
Moral Standing: Blue morality. Kyubey comes from a race of creatures devoted to prreventing the heat death of the universe; he sees humans as little more than a means to an end, even comparing them at one point to cattle. Naturally, in a human viewpoint, this does not paint him sympathetically.
Dreams: Kyubey's goal is the same of the race he hails from; to prevent the heat death of the universe by banishing entropy. He does not have personal goals aside from that.
Fears: Very little scares Kyubey, though he does seem to show some unease at those who manage to create wishes that defy entropy completely. A wish to travel through time was met with vague displeasure, and a wish to essentially become a god was met with shock and confusion.
Extra: Any other details you want to add or feel need to be mentioned that don't quite fit into the above categories?
Character Location: None
Samples: "You didn't ask."
Writing Sample: Dear Mun